Kirjoittaja Aihe: Gamebuntu - Sovellus, joka virittää Ubuntun parempaan pelikuntoon  (Luettu 5271 kertaa)


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Tuommoinen pikkunäppärä ohjelmapätkä, joka tekee monenlaisia virityksiä, että pelit pyörisi paremmin ilman turhaa säätämistä. Ominaisuuksia tulenee kokoajan lisää.

What is it?
Gamebuntu is an app that helps to set up a complete environment for gaming on Ubuntu without any other tweaks (other than enabling Proton ;) ). It is intended for new users coming from Windows who want to game on Ubuntu.

Many users coming from Windows check articles like this one 36 (the first result on DuckDuckGo), where Ubuntu is listed as the last favourable option for gaming, with the only con being that ‘Getting set up for gaming can be a hassle’ on Ubuntu, while we all know how using Manjaro put Linus from LTT at a disadvantage. This project aims to make it easier for new gamers coming from Windows (like Linus) to get started with gaming on Ubuntu.

What it does
Switches the kernel to the xanmod kernel

Adds a PPA for the latest MESA version (until an official PPA is provided by Canonical)

Installs Lutris, Steam and Wine from universe

Installs the OBS snap and PulseEffects

Installs the Heroic Launcher for playing games in the Epic store

Installs NoiseTorch from GitHub (based on feedback in this thread)

Installs these packages: mesa-utils vulkan-tools libegl1:i386 (again, based on feedback in this thread)

Installs mangohud from Wimpy’s PPA, as well as VLC

Installs Kodi for people using Gamebuntu on bigger screens

Enables click-to-minimize in GNOME

You can download the AppImage and Snap here 168. It’s recommended that you use the AppImage until the snap is published in the Snap Store (since it’s a classic snap, it would take a bit of time to get approval from the Snapcraft team; @ogra any suggestions?).

Here’s the GitLab repo: 255. MRs/PRs are accepted. Do report any bugs you find or suggestions for improvement on this thread or on our Twitter account 6 or the Issue Tracker 5.

It is recommended to use Ubuntu 20.04, since there are some bugs with games on 21.10.