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Samsung NP930X5J Hiirilevyongelma
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Samsung Ativ Book 9 15.6" 2014 edition = NP930X5J
Googlailun jälkeen tuli selväksi, että kyseessä on kerneli-bugi.
Tämän upean koneen perään ei siis kannata kuolata, ennekuin kerneli muuttuu?


To answer your questions: At the bottom of the patch page you linked it says that the patch is present in 3.15. Kernel version 3.15 has been released, and version 3.16 will be the default kernel in Utopic Unicorn. If you want to install kernel 3.15 in Ubuntu 14.04, download the appropriate packages (what are they?) from the mainline kernel PPA or install them using apt and ppa technology, which I recommend, because then you keep your kernel updated. Be aware that other issues may come up when you install a newer kernel.

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