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Risto H. Kurppa

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Ubuntu Nordic -> pohjoismaista yhteistyötä
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Hi :-)

I'm Martin Pihl from the Danish LoCo team. Today I wrote a blog article (which unfortunately does not seems to appear on Planet Ubuntu for you to see) which pose the question: Could a closer Scandinavian/Nordic cooperation benefit all the Nordic countries - or rather the Ubuntu marketshare?

I give two examples of things that might help us all: The one thing is being our common languages which is helpful for people who wants to become active but are not good at English. The other example is a common IRC channel which will improve the contact network among Nordic Ubunteros as well as offer another possibility for newcomers to get questions answered in a Nordic language.

The common Nordic cultural inheritance offers us a great possibility to work more close together. As I ask in my blog article: Perhaps some more of you Scandinavians out there have further thoughts on this matter and perhaps even some good ideas to how a closer cooperation between the Nordic communities could create some effective synergy to the benefit of Ubuntu marketshare in the Nordic countries.

With hopes for a fruitful discussion, kind regards
Martin Pihl

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Tässä vaiheessa irc-kanava #ubuntu-nordic @ freenode on oikeastaan ainoa yhteistyöpaikka, mahdollisesti maililista tms joskus jatkossa.
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