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« : 29.06.05 - klo:05.46 »

Sorry for posting in English but my Finnish is just to rusty..and also for posting about another disto...

Does anyone here know what happened to LBA-Linux, formerly SOT-Linux?  They just seem to have dissappeared. Thanks for any info you can provide.

Petteri Leone
Miami, FL USA


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Re: LBA-Linux?
« Vastaus #1 : 29.06.05 - klo:10.55 »
sulkeutuu - closes
selvitystila - liquidation
taloudellinen tilanne - financial state of
varat - assets
velkojille - for the debtors
konkurssi - bankruptcy

IE: the company Suomen Ohjelmistotyö is set on liquidation state and the board and liquidator are trying to make odds even to see whether the company should just be dissolved and the assets left in the company shared between the shareholders or should the company be filing for official bankruptcy and compulsory winding-up.

Sorry if my English isn't understandable :-)
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Re: LBA-Linux?
« Vastaus #2 : 30.06.05 - klo:00.38 »
Thanks for the quick reply.  Too bad they went under.  I'm a Linux newbie and LBA was the first distro that I tried. I'm now waiting for my Ubuntu cds to arrive.  Thanks again!

Petteri Leone